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I Spy: Georgetown Abode Trying Too Hard to Be an Art Gallery

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With Curbed I Spy, you can interact with listings on the market from your computer by spotting the little details that really make them unique. In this game, you will browse through photos of a Georgetown townhome that is currently on the market for $849,900. If there are any items that you can't seem to spot, be sure to leave a comment, and the location will be revealed.

For today's game, you will explore through this Georgetown townhome. It's listed for $849,900 with two bedrooms and one-and-a-half bathrooms spread over 1,302-square-feet of space. In the backyard, you can find a two-story patio with a steel railing and a sectioned off space for a hot tub. Other highlights to this abode include that it has a library, fireplace, recessed lighting, and what looks like an entire art collection stuffed in its three floors. Below, you'll find 20 items in the abode that you will have to search for, from an abstract painting of Gandalf to an awkwardly placed washer and dryer.

· A headless, armless, calfless statue of a woman
· Either an award for something made out of glass or a very reflective stone
· A foot stool that's been bleach treated within an inch of its life
· What looks like an elongated human skull with bunny ears
· Electric wine bottle opener
· A cow walking on a window pane
· A lamp shade that doesn't fit
· Indoor window blinds
· Poorly organized books
· A painting of a castle
· An abstract painting of Gandalf
· A statue composed of heads on heads
· A carpet
· Another carpet
· A carpet on the wall
· A plaid-patterned wall
· A very awkwardly placed washer and dryer
· Skylights
· A sexy, sexy hot tub
· The camera that took all of the pictures of the listing

· 1610 33rd Street NW [Redfin]