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Silver Spring Transit Center Expected to Open Later This Fall

The Paul S. Sarbanes Silver Spring Transit Center is four years behind schedule, $48 million over budget, and finally expected to open later this year. Despite the Metro's Board of Directors expressing concern over whether or not the agency will be able to protect the development against potential structural problems in the future, the Board unanimously approved a measure to allow Interim General Manager Jack Requa to accept the Silver Spring Transit Center from Montgomery County. According to WAMU, any and all concerns over the development's structural integrity have been rectified. Some of the issues that led to delays on the transit center's opening included incorrectly poured concrete and the Metro's previous request for Montgomery County to pay $15 million to cover future maintenance costs. Expected to open fall of this year, the transit center will help free up traffic in downtown Silver Spring by having commuters connect with taxicabs, MARC, Metrorail, and Metro and Ride On buses. The three-tiered, multi-modal transit center will feature 32 bus bays, 26 Kiss & Ride spaces, and accommodations for a future Bi-County Transitway with connections to regional hiker/hiker trails. There is no specific opening date set yet.

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