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How to Spruce Up a Bland D.C. Rambler? Put a Wall Mirror on It

Behold, the most awkward living room in the history of living rooms. Located in a rather bland Shepherd Park rambler, you can find this perfectly Windexed mirror spanning one entire wall of this living room. Just imagine having an awkward conversation in this room and having to stare yourself right in the face throughout the whole ordeal. Worse yet, imagine trying to relax by the fireplace with some coffee and a good book and looking up every so often to have the reminder of why you should really go to the gym more. Maybe it's a one-way mirror; maybe there's a group of scientists behind it studying, scribbling things down in notebooks, and nudging each other every so often to say, "Oh, that's interesting." Really, though, the only reason to have a wall mirror is if the room is in a dance or yoga studio, a way too small store that needs to be expanded, some kind of weird hangout for swingers, or the home of a motivational speaker. For those who don't really mind the wall mirror, just know that if you have a cat or a dog, they might flip out every now and then at the sight of themselves.
· 1330 Fernway Road NW [Estately]
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