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Franklin Park Approved to Receive Much-Needed Facelift

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Washington, D.C.'s largest federal park hasn't had any work done to it in decades, but soon it will get the facelift it's been needing. The National Park Service (NPS) approved the project on Wednesday after determining that any work done to Franklin Park wouldn't significantly impact the natural or cultural environment. Currently, the park looks roughly the same as it did 80 years ago when new trees, a paved plaza, and an oval fountain were installed in 1935. Since then, the park has been known to be a gathering place for the homeless community. With this new project, DCist reported that the neglected park will be revamped with an interactive fountain, cafe, children's play area, and pedestrian mall. The NPS and downtown BID still need to finalize the design before reaching an agreement with the city. There haven't been any reports yet on how much the project will cost, but it is expected to finish by 2017.
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