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Georgetown Gas Station to Become 8-Unit Apartment Building

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All renderings via EastBanc Inc.

More residential units are on their way to Georgetown to a site described as the "entrance to Georgetown" by EastBanc Inc. President Anthony Lanier. There are plans in the works to redevelop the gas station on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue NW, M Street NW, and 28th Street NW into a 43,396-square-foot building. The building will rise up to 60-feet-high and will feature eight apartments with balconies, a gym, a terrace on the penthouse level, and a 1,845-square-foot restaurant with outdoor seating on the ground floor. The Washington Business Journal reported that each apartment will average about 2,000-square-feet. The Portuguese architect, Eduardo Souto de Moura, designed the proposed building at 2715 Pennsylvania Avenue NW to be made of red brick to match the aesthetics of the neighborhood. The project has already had one hearing with the Old Georgetown Board. It still needs to gain permission from the Zoning Commission. The Georgetown advisory neighborhood commission has already shown approval of the project.
[UPDATE: The Washington Business Journal reported that the gas station was located on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue, M Street, and 23rd Street. The site is located at Pennsylvania Avenue, M Street, and 28th Street. This article has been corrected to reflect this.]

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