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Massive, Unkept Mansion on Kent Island Lists for $2.5M

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For $2.5 million, you can own more than 18 acres of land, a 180-degree waterfront view, and this four-story abode on Kent Island. The 15,912-square-foot single-family home was previously used as a bed and breakfast by a couple who went under fire in the Stevensville community for holding too many events in the property. In April 2012, the owners requested an amendment to a code that restricted bed and breakfasts from hosting parties, picnics, weddings, and receptions, but the amendment was denied. This home isn't at it's 100 percent, according to the listing, which says, "Home does need some TLC." Some of the bells and whistles attached to this eight-bedroom abode include an indoor pool, theater room, and marble flooring. If you're wondering what the massive growth hanging off the listing is, it appears to be the ballroom.

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