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The Most Beautiful Backyards You Can Buy in Washington, D.C.

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Some people want fantastic views of the city. Others want massive pools. And then there are those who simply crave an outlet to the great outdoors. Big, beautiful backyards offer an escape from skyscrapers and steel. Lush trees that delicately bob to the wind and soft, vibrant flowers offer a peace that can only be described as Dirt Church. For those who value clean green living over smog and city streets, check out these 10 listings that prove that you can find green spaces in Washington, D.C.

↑ This three-bedroom Burleith townhome offers a spacious terrace in a grassy, fenced-in backyard. This glassy abode also offers a two-car garage and an asking price of $2.5 million.

↑ In Massachusetts Heights, you can buy this mini-Biltmore Estate for $6.8 million. Some of the biggest highlights in this listing include that it has an outdoor pool, conservatory, and media room.

↑ With a $22 million asking price, this Neoclassical beauty, otherwise known as the Fessenden House, is the second-priciest listing on the Washington, D.C. market. Located in Forest Hills, it features one of the most gorgeous private pools in the city as well as one of the most beautiful backyards.

↑ This contemporary Kent single-family home was designed by a protege of Mies van der Rohe. With floor-to-ceiling windows and plenty of plush seating in the backyard, this listing is on the market for $1,899,000.

↑ This charming Embassy Row single-family home offers a gated courtyard with lush shrubbery and a red brick flooring. The asking price is $1.89 million.

↑ This $3.295 million Kalorama listing is for those who want their backyard to be more than just an escape from the city, but a perfect location for parties and other social gatherings.

↑ In Massachusetts Avenue Heights, you can find this completely renovated single-family home with a spacious private courtyard. There is a large, lush tree in the middle of the courtyard that offers shade during the spring and summer months. The asking price is $4.9 million.

↑ For $2.695 million, you can own a single-family home with a stepped backyard with lush shrubbery. This $2.695 million Wesley Heights listing was completely renovated in 2012.

↑ This backyard would make any pup pleased with more than enough space for romping around. With an asking price of $3.249 million, this Cleveland Park single-family home is on a 6,750-square-foot lot.

↑ What better way to admire the great outdoors than from a home that is meant to blend into the outdoors? With an asking price of $3.399 million, this Forest Hills abode offers what architect Travis Price likes to call "ecological modernism." One of the biggest surprises of this home is that it floats, suspended by steel columns and anchored by steel rods.
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