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Renters, Homeowners: Tear Down This Wall (Decal)!

We need to talk about your wall decals. We, too, love a little whimsy, but this has gone too far. We are willing to concede that, on limited occasions, wall decals, especially figurative ones, can be cute and 100% acceptable—in, say, a child's room. But the text-based decals that have for the last decade(? forever?) spread over the land of DIY interior decoration like a plague have got to stop. They add little to no aesthetic value to a room—especially when rendered in fonts (yes, fonts, we wouldn't deign call them 'typefaces') that make them difficult-to-read and, quite frankly, ugly. A quick Google (or, if you're feeling particularly brave/masochistic, Etsy) search for "wall decals" turns up a rash of stick-on-decor dribble—affirmations about love and blessings (love and blessings are great, but those fonts! Those fonts!) and more.

Wall decals: friend or foe?