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With Nixed Streetcar, Arlington Group Aims for Gondolas

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Arlington, Virginia committed $550 million to building a streetcar in the area, but after $160 million was spent just planning the project, Arlington County Board member John Vihstadt canned the project in November 2014, saying, "A streetcar makes no sense." Apparently, gondolas do? ARLNow reported that an organization called the Columbia Heights Civic Association will hold a meeting on September 28 to discuss JPods, which is just a fancy word for gondolas, though Owner of JPods Bill James would prefer to described them as being more like "chauffeured cars." If approved, the solar-powered pod system will be privately funded and built in the matter of one year. The gondola network could serve several hundred to 1,000 pods. The Columbia Heights Civic Association hopes to build the network along Columbia Pike to Metro stations and other parts of Northern Virginia, reports ARLNow. Arlington County won't decide on an alternative transit plan until next year, so don't expect a thumbs up or down on the project for a while. Meanwhile, the future of gondolas popping up in Georgetown is still a very serious possibility.

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