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D.C.'s Ball Pit to Be Handed Over to Dupont Underground

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Did you think you were about to see the last of Washington, D.C.'s biggest ball pit? Think again. The National Building Museum has partnered up with the subterranean art and performance space Dupont Underground to create an art exhibition that will use over 650,000 plastic balls and 6,000-square-feet of construction mesh. The artworks chosen for Dupont Underground's first major exhibition will be chosen from an international art competition. With further details expected to release later this fall, the artists will have to design a site-specific installation that can be inspired from The BEACH's ball pit. In no way can the designed installation be a rehash of The BEACH, though. The exhibition is expected to open in late 2015 or early 2016. The National Building Museum's ball pit installation will close to the public on September 7.
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Dupont Circle Fountain

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