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Renovation Plans for Office Building Blocks from Metro Center

There are plans to renovate an eight-story office building on 1600 Eye Street NW and expand it to possibly have ground-floor retail. Currently, the blocky, concrete building has an unused roofscape, an opaque street presence that limits pedestrian experience at the street level, and an overall recessed design that keeps the windows in shadow. There are plans to renovate the rooftop with a new light-colored roofing and green packs. On the street level, there will be a new design with clear glazed areas as opposed to stony areas. To balance natural daylight with some solar protection, the new glazing will be moved to the centerline of the columns. Finally, the heavy, gridded concrete facade will be covered with a light-colored metal panel cladding and light-colored honed limestone panels. Part of the demolition process will involve removing stairs, a railing, and existing walls on the south side of the building, removing existing trees on the east side of the building, and removing an existing ramp, curb walls, and railing from the north side of the building. The building is currently used as the D.C. headquarters for the Motion Picture Association of America.

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