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Here's Your Chance to Finally Decorate the Oval Office

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Every U.S. President is given $100,000 to redecorate and renovate the White House's Oval Office. While Curbed won't be able to give out $100,000 willy nilly to just any Oval Office decorator, we have created a brand new game that will finally give you the chance to decorate the space exactly how you want. This game was tailored for those of us who didn't grow up dressing dolls, but designing rooms. For every interior decorator, designer, or gamer who simply wants to kill some time, this game allows you to choose which couches, desks, and other furniture you think would really brighten up the room. Would an Iron Throne be the perfect centerpiece to the Oval Office? Maybe a Bob Marley poster or a Beanie Baby chair would be the better choice. It's up to you. The rules of the game are simple: simply drag and drop each piece of furniture onto the photo of the empty Oval Office, and once you're done, take a screenshot and share your masterpiece with the world. Be sure to show Curbed your creation by either leaving a comment below or by tweeting us.

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The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, , DC 20500