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D.C. Will Get 15+ Million Sq. Ft. of New Developments By 2025

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If you focus on having the best views of Washington, D.C. and are willing to pay the price to get them, expect front-row seats to cranes and construction zones. According to the DataLensDC blog, Washington, D.C. will add over 15 million-square-feet of new developments in the next 10 years. Over half of these new developments will be residential. For Ward 2, though, there will be more gains in hotels than in residential space. Ward 3, Washington, D.C.'s wealthiest ward, will be the most untouched space. While Ward 8 will see quite a few new projects, such as St. Elizabeth's East Campus, the ward that will see the most growth is Ward 6. DataLensDC reported that Ward 6 is the only ward to see square footage gains in every category: residential, hotels, office, and more. Some of the biggest projects to look forward to in Ward 6 include the renovation of the former Hine School, Capitol Crossing, and The Wharf. To keep track of everything that's going on, you can utilize the "Project Pipeline Database," which is a real-time map of every development in every ward.
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