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Bible Museum Teams With Israel's Leading Archaeological Org.

When the Museum of the Bible opens in the fall of 2017, it will feature a top-floor gallery with a selection from the Israel Antiquities Authority's (IAA) collection of two million biblical artifacts. It was recently reported in a press release that the Museum of the Bible just signed a major long-term alliance with Israel's leading archaeological organization. The artifacts that the IAA will lend the $400 million museum will be excavated from 39 active archeological digs around Israel. Before the deal, the Museum of the Bible was set to house approximately 40,000 biblical artifacts owned by Hobby Lobby President Steve Green. The museum is located two blocks away from the National Mall and will feature six above-ground floors and two below-ground floors as well as a 500-seat performing arts center and ballroom. There will be three main exhibition floors, each dedicated to the Bible's impact, narrative, and history. The architect for the project is SmithGroupJJR. Want an inside look on how much progress has been made so far on the museum? See all the photos here. See what else you should expect from the Museum of the Bible here.
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