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1,142 Residential Units Planned in NoMa on Site of Co-Op

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If you're looking for housing in NoMa, you're going to have many more options to choose from—more specifically, 1,142 more options to choose from. This massive, multi-phase development is proposing 1,279,845-square-feet of residential use on a 6.7-acre site bounded by M, First, and L streets NE. Currently, the site houses the 199-unit non-profit housing cooperative, Sursum Corda. If the planned unit development is approved, there will be five six- to 11-story buildings on the space as well as 848 parking spaces. 199 of the planned residential units will be designated for affordable housing for those making less than 60 percent of the area median income. Of those 199 units, 143 are intended to house residents currently living in Sursum Corda. Expect a brand new Capital BikeShare station on the site as well as a car-sharing service. There are no reports yet on whether or not the residential units will be condos or apartments. The developers of the project are Sursum Corda Cooperative Association and Winn Development Company. The designers are WDG Architecture and Boggs and Partner Architects.

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