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Big Reveal: $499,900 for a Two-Bed Condo in Dupont Circle

Two Curbed readers took on the task of playing in this week's asking price game, otherwise known as PriceSpotter. Some of the need-to-know details about this two-bed Dupont Circle condo include that it has a washer and dryer, stainless steel appliances, an open floor plan, and is only a couple blocks from the Dupont Circle Metro station. With this information and more, the two Curbed readers went head-to-head to see who could guess the asking price for this on-the-market condo. One unnamed commenter guessed $525,000, a respectable guess that's pretty much on the money. (Get it? On the money? And we're discussing money? Nudge nudge.) The winner of this week's PriceSpotter, though, goes to commenter CJ2K, who for the past six or seven weeks has been able to inexplicably guess the exact asking price to each listing—to the dollar. Just a reminder: nobody likes cheaters. But that's okay because we still like you CJ2K. Be sure to participate in the next round PriceSpotter on Monday, August 24.

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