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Inside Washington, D.C.'s Newest Music Venue, Soundcheck

On Wednesday, Washington, D.C.'s newest music venue, Soundcheck, will open on the corner of 14th and K streets NW. The space is built like a recording studio with soundproof foam on the walls and reinforced cork flooring, so any who pass by on the street won't be able to hear the music pumping inside.

Inside, there are a pair of giant disco balls, LED walls, video projectors, and light fixtures with lasers. With only enough space to fit around 300 customers, the new space won't be too massive, but it will offer what Soundcheck owner and Echostage owner Antonis Karagounis describes as "the true nightclub experience."

Karagounis told Washingtonian that he modeled Soundcheck on nightclubs in Athens, Greece during the 1980s and 1990s. Expect the music genres to vary from electronic dance music to latin and international music to hip-hop.

Soundcheck Partner Pete Kalamoutsos described Soundcheck as "the perfect complement to Echostage" due to its goal to feature up-and-coming electronic dance music artists every Sunday. To see which artists will soon be visiting Soundcheck, take a peek at the event calendar here.

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14th street nw and k street nw washington dc

14th street nw and k street nw washington dc