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Memorial Bridge Repairs to Begin This Month, Last Three Years

While there's no specific start date yet for when the repairs to the Arlington Memorial Bridge will begin, the process is expected to begin later this month. The Washington Post reported that the steel secondary support beams corroded at a more rapid pace than expected and no longer meet load-bearing standards. Because of that the weight limit for the bridge is currently 10 tons. The 10-ton weight limit won't end until more repairs have been completed. Both the bridge's steel and concrete structures need to be repaired along with the concrete sidewalk and asphalt. There are also plans to improve drainage. Don't expect the repair work to end any time soon. According to The Washington Post, the $250 million repairs could take up to three years to complete. The first phase in the repair program, totaling $2.5 million, is expected to complete in the next six months.
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