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National Harbor Architect Ahsin Rasheed Passes Away at 54

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Ahsin Rasheed, the CEO of Baltimore's architecture firm Development Design Group (DDG), passed away at the age of 54 last week after suffering from a heart attack. Rasheed is known for having designed the National Harbor in Prince George's County, Fairfax Corner in Fairfax, Virginia, and a variety of other projects outside of the nation. The Pakistan native earned a bachelor's degree in architecture at the University of Oklahoma and a master's degree at the University of Minnesota before coming to Baltimore in 1987 to work with DDG. In 2011, he became the CEO of DDG after working his way up from an entry-level employee. In a 2014 interview with the Washington Business Journal, Rasheed said, "Life is full of challenges. You have to take them. That's what I like about DDG—we keep on exploring new places. That keeps me feeling alive. You wake up and you have a new challenge to do, and I feel accomplished when the day is finished." He is survived by his daughter, his wife of 23 years, and his three sisters.
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