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Finally, An Easier Way to Keep Track of Developments in D.C.

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Looking up the status of a development in Washington, D.C. is now a piece of cake thanks to this brand new website unveiled by Bryan Kenner, D.C.'s deputy mayor for planning and economic development. In real time, the map, titled, "Project Pipeline Database," keeps track of every development in every ward, regardless of whether or not the project is in negotiation, under construction, or completed. With over 40 developments tracked, users can search for specific developments by using these factors: ward, project name, addresses, status, developer, type, square footage, project manager, and estimated construction start and end dates. Unfortunately, the database doesn't supply renderings or links to documents filed with the Office of Zoning or any other D.C. agency. Regardless, the map is a massively helpful way of getting quick information in a clear and easy way. Give the database a whirl by clicking here.
· Project Pipeline Database [Official Website]