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Hey, T-Pain! We'll Help You Fall In Love (With a Condo)

What would happen if music and real estate collided? That's what Curbed wants to find out with the strange, but wonderful column, Lyric Lowdown. Here, Curbed takes lyrics from famous songs and remixes them to houses on the market. Today's remix comes from T-Pain's "I'm 'n Luv (Wit a Stripper)."

Got the floor plan of luxury, got that eleventh story view—I see you Washington, D.C. This condo got windows that come down from the ceiling to the floor. This 14th Street NW condo knows exactly what it's doing. I need to schedule an open house and fill out the paperwork because I'm in love with a condo. Stunning with hardwood flooring and high ceilings, I'm in love with a condo. Award-winning LEED building—so charming—I'm not looking at any more listings. Out of all the listings, this one is the hottest like the way it has designer finishes. I see you, granite countertops. With stainless steel appliances and porcelain floor tiles, this listing has my attention. Did I forget to mention that it's on the market for $479,999?

· 1133 14th Street NW #1001 [Redfin]