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These Scathing Reviews Decimate Five of D.C.'s 'Best' Hotels

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Everybody's a critic, and with help from Yelp, the worst hotels can get a pretty justified — and sometimes even nasty — reality check. Even Washington, D.C.'s best of the best hotels can't help but receive judgement, whether on the service, the food, or the beds. From the Willard InterContinental to The Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown, Curbed took a look at what kind of scathing Yelper commentary these hotels have received over time. If you check out each of these hotels on Yelp, you'll find glowing reviews and a myriad of stars, proving that the hive mind does say yes to each of them. For those interested in what the minority has to say on these hotels, take a look at some of the most hilarious, most depressing, and most strange reviews below.

? The Willard InterContinental has a solid four out of five stars on Yelp with a total 145 reviews. Despite the high rating, the hotel still has some pretty unfavorable reviews.

For Karen D. of Winchester, VA, her stay at the Willard Continental was long and tedious. "They kept telling us it would be 'any minute' for hours while we waited in the lobby," she said. This isn't the first time a guest had to wait for a room despite reservations. For Steven R. of Glendora, California, he said, "I spend 20 minutes in the lobby then get sent to a different hotel."

When it comes to tea at the Willard InterContinental, Judd S. from Cocoa, Florida was not impressed. He said, "Service is extremely slow, and they don't attend to the customers. Food is poor for people who are experienced with afternoon teas, and especially at $50 a person, didn't even come close to living up my expectation!" Jesse V. from Winchester, VA would agree on the slow service because when he was turned away for tea due to not having a reservation, he said, "They had seven tables open when they turned us away and those tables were never used the rest of tea service — I know this because we were in the lobby for a LONG time."

"For the price we paid this was a huge disappointment. We won't be back," added Karen D.

? As a boutique hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown is known for its luxurious accommodations. With 50 reviews on Yelp, the hotel proves its worth with four out of five stars. For these reviewers, though, the high rating may seem a little too eager.

"Horrible, horrible customer service," said Laurie F. of Union City, California. "After my stay ended, the hotel charged me for items I did not consume from the minibar." Another guest, named Sophie D. from Bethesda, Maryland, complained of a similar issue, saying, "I went to have drinks and small bite in the bar. And I paid by my credit card. Three days later, I found out they charged $100.20 illegally from my credit card on top of what I paid."

On the atmosphere, you apparently should expect a little noisiness. According to Willa B. of Venice, California, "I really want to give it more stars because the staff is, for the most part, pretty great, and the architecture of the lobby is gorgeous. But for a luxury hotel, the walls are pretty thin. I can hear the TV in the next room and endless door slamming through the night."

"Overall, not a terrible place to stay, but for the money you can do a lot better," said Doron R. of Orlando, Florida.

? "I know that there are multiple five-star reviews of this hotel, [but] my experience there was a total disaster," said Paul B. of Denver, Colorado. The Jefferson is one of the highest rated hotels on this list with an overall four-and-a-half stars and 57 reviews. Despite that, Paul B. described the service at the hotel as "abysmal," often having to call the manager on duty for extra ice and housekeeping.

Other reviewers on Yelp described the food as only amounting to one star. On her visit to the Jefferson, Becky M. of Alexandria, Virginia said, "The only item that lived up to the caliber of a five star hotel was the decor." While informed that the chef would accommodate gluten-free gusts, Becky M. discovered that that meant being served cream and jam with no pastries or baked goods. As a nice gesture, the waiter gave her a bowl of sorbet, but in the end, "I didn't pay $40 for ice cream."

"Washington has many luxury hotels I suggest you choose one of the others although the location of this hotel is excellent but the service is abysmal and there were no apologies there was no adjustments to the bill, and I will certainly never return there," said Paul B.

? Andie C. of Oakland, California wasn't too pleased with his visit at the The Hay-Adams. She said, "What I inherently don't like about this place is that it is extremely, extremely exclusive. It's hard to get a room unless you know someone and oftentimes whenever I try to book a room, they brush me off."

On the layout of the hotel, Maribeth H. of Beverly Hills, California described the lobby as tiny, the rooms as cramped, and the fitness center as the size of a closet. At least the view from the bedroom was pleasant. That is if you think a view of dumpsters and an office building is pleasant. The view from the rooftop, according to Maribeth H., was a good highlight of her trip, though it was difficult to gain access without sneaking up there.

Despite the negative reviews, The Hay-Adams has four out of five stars on Yelp with a total 56 reviews.

? While getting a massage at the The Four Seasons Hotel's spa, Andrea S. of Washington, D.C. said, "I have never had such a scarring experience in my entire life." After her massage, she found "five-inch chunks" of her hair on the floor, discovering that her masseuse had cut her hair without warning. After confronting the spa manager, she was met with doubt. "He accused me of making the entire story up," she said.

On the hotel's restaurant, Sue C. of Arlington, Virginia wasn't very impressed. For her Thai Beef Salad, the meat was too tough and "smelled of wet rag." The Sesame Crusted Tuna was also less than stellar with a lack of seasoning and dry wasabi. "If I had been given our food in a blind taste test, I would have said that the food came from Cheesecake Factory — Therefore, it was middle of the road chain restaur[ant]."

With 82 reviews, the Four Seasons Hotel has a total of four-and-a-half stars out of five on Yelp.

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