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Trump Should Move to D.C.; Here's Where He Should Live

The man, the hair, the legend—Donald Trump. While one of the most contentious nominees running for the U.S. presidency, he's also one of the most popular and most made fun of GOP candidates. Regardless of whether or not he should be taken seriously, he's still a big name who deserves the biggest and best real estate on the market. Why leave his name on a hotel when he can leave his mark in the District with a new home under his belt? Below, Curbed has a list of six possibilities for the business mogul, ranging from a castle in Crestwood to a row house in Anacostia. Rather than leave it to Trump to decide, readers can make the decision for him with a poll at the bottom of this article.

↑ We all know how much Trump loves Spanish-speaking people, so the first choice on our list of suggestions is, of course, a Spanish-style home. Located in Massachusetts Avenue Heights, this sunny single-family home offers floor-to-ceiling windows and incredibly high ceilings. Does Trump like to read? Because the wall of built-in bookcases should be able to house his library if he has one. If not, he can always appear well-read simply by having some literature filling the shelves.

↑ Rather than say, "You're fired!" Trump can say, "Off with his head!" in a castle as fantastical as this one. Located in Washington, D.C.'s Crestwood neighborhood, this listing will help the big, bushy-haired businesses mogul really feel like royalty. There are no thrones to be found in the seven-bedroom abode, but Trump can surely buy one. So, no biggie.

↑ What better way to appeal to the 99 percent than in a home that's more affordable to the working class? In Anacostia, this townhome is on the market for $250,000 and is described as having "potential." In recent years, Anacostia has experienced one of the biggest gains in median home price in the region, jumping 21 percent in 2014. If Trump wants to be on the rise, he should obviously live in a community that is on the rise as well. Just imagine: Trump on the front porch, sipping some lemonade, enjoying the view of the neighborhood in the comforting shade of his shabby awning. That doesn't sound too bad, now does it?

↑ For a more refined palette, this Georgetown abode offers crown molding, recessed lighting, and a private patio with a stone fireplace. By being located in Georgetown, this townhome will place Trump in one of the most expensive areas of Washington, D.C. Some of the most notable figures to have lived in the neighborhood include U.S. President John F. Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Julia Child, and maybe one day Donald Trump.

↑ For $8.25 million, this Palisades pad is surely a steal for someone as wealthy as Trump. With 15,160-square-feet, he will have more than enough room to host social events in his ballroom or landscaped botanical garden. If he ever needs some down time after a long day at work, he can rest easy in the outdoor pool or the salon.

The White House, Trump's goal and possible future home. Out of all of the abodes on this list, this is probably the one that would appeal to Trump the most. Should he have a place at the Oval Office desk? It's not up to us. Take your vote in the poll below.
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