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In 25 Years, Rosslyn Will Be More Lively, Touristy, and Urban

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In Rosslyn, commercial vacancy is at 30 percent, office vacancy is costing the county $34 million a year, and after 5 p.m., there is little to no nightlife to be seen. Now, county officials are dreaming of a more dynamic, more touristy downtown area with help from the Rosslyn Sector Plan. Approved last week, the plan calls for new housing, retail, and high-rise buildings over the next 25 years. There are plans for the county to have a total 19.3 million-square-feet of office, retail, and housing space, which is twice what's available today, as reported by The Washington Post. Some of the ideas in the Rosslyn Sector Plan include parks and plazas east of the Rosslyn Metro station for festivals, an expanded 18th Street corridor into a green walkway, and a remade Gateway Park. In 25 years, Rosslyn will be more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly with one-way streets becoming two-way streets and a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge that will connect Rosslyn with Roosevelt Island and the regional trail system. According to The Washington Post, there are also plans to end the 300-foot building height limitation and expand buildings up to 390-feet-high. For western Rosslyn, residents can expect a new school, more affordable housing, and a reduced Rosslyn Highlands Park.
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