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Video Released of Fool Who Made Tuesday's Commute Horrible

On Tuesday, hundreds of Metro line passengers experienced what may have been one of the worst commutes of the year thanks to what the Metro described as a "switch problem." This "switch problem" arose at L'Enfant Plaza station after an unknown man pulled the emergency switch on a Green Line train so he and his daughter could get off at the station. The event happened around 5 p.m. and caused additional delays until about 7:30 p.m., according to NBC4. A new video was just released, showing the man wearing Khaki shorts, a white shirt, and what looks like a blue bag. The video is pretty grainy, so any specific details of him and his daughter are difficult to be seen. If you recognize this man, be sure to contact Metro Transit Police at (202) 962-2121.

· Metro Trains Delayed After Man Pulls Emergency Switch on Train Leaving L'Enfant Plaza [NBC4]