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The Only Asking Price for This Virginia Farm is 1,000 Words

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This 18th-century horse farm, called Rock Spring Farm, is valued at $600,000, but is being given away for only 1,000 words. The owners want to make sure that the new owner is "somebody who loves the land as much as we do," and to ensure this, they are asking contestants to write an essay to win the home. The writing prompt reads:

After narrowing down the best 25 essays, the owners will have a panel of three judges decide the winner. The judges will include a horse enthusiast, an educator, and a hobby farmer. The owners told WAMU that they were inspired to give away the farm in this way from a historic inn in Maine that was given away earlier this year in a 200-word essay contest. Other homeowners in the area have similarly been inspired by the contest and already a 210-square-foot tiny home was given away and a Temple Hills single-family home is in the process of being given away.
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