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Immaculate Deanwood Abode Asks Surprisingly Low $279K

After a top-to-bottom renovation, this Deanwood single-family home is sparkling with a brand new, modern kitchen, updated bathrooms, and a surprisingly low asking price of $279,000. The listing offers two bedrooms and one bathroom as well as hardwood flooring throughout and recessed lighting. While fairly small at only 780-square-feet, this single-family home features a fairly spacious front and backyard. According to, the average home price in the neighborhood is $234,206, so while this listing is less than half of Washington, D.C.'s median home value of $487,500, it's still pretty pricey for the neighborhood. The single-family home last sold in April 20, 2015 for $139,000. The facade was spruced up with a new grey paint job and the removal of three olive green awnings.

Below, you can see a photo of the listing's facade before the renovations:

220 35th Street NE