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What to Expect from the Kennedy Center's $100M Expansion

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Renderings courtesy of Steven Holl Architects

For the first time in 50 years since the Kennedy Center's opening, the performance arts center will be expanded by a total 72,000-square-feet. District Source reported that the National Capital Planning Commission approved the $100 million expansion last week. Plans for the planned floating pavilion on the Potomac River fell through due to environmental concerns and controversy from the boating community. The approved designs for the expansion will involve construction of two new pavilions connected to the main building as well as a below-ground addition. Steven Holl Architects designed these new spaces for additional classrooms, multipurpose meetings rooms, a lecture hall, and rehearsal rooms. An exterior wall of one of the pavilions will host broadcasts and simulcast performances. Steven Holl Architects will also plant 35 ginkgo trees to honor President John F. Kennedy, the 35th U.S. President. Philanthropist David Rubenstein is partially funding the expansion with a $50 million donation.

To see the process to designing the Kennedy Center expansion, take a look at the development's landscape plans and watercolor designs below:

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