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Construction Cranes to Dance July 15, No Twerking Expected

As part of this year's Capital Fringe festival, two construction cranes will dance to ambient music for 45 minutes. For those wondering, there is unfortunately little to no evidence that the cranes will twerk or even nae nae. Toronto-based artist Brandon Vickerd told Curbed DC that this project has been two years in the making after Capital Fringe had a call for site-specific proposals that happen outside of the theater. Washingtonian reported that the public will be able to witness the performance at Milian Park at 8:15 p.m. this Wednesday. Speakers will be set up at the park to hear ambient music, but guests have the option of wearing headphones and listening to their own music as well. In the above Youtube video, you can see an example of what to expect with the "Dance of the Cranes" performance in Toronto in 2009. To spice up the dance, Curbed suggests adding some Top 40s into the mix. See what musical suggestions Curbed has provided below and vote for which one might be most suitable for the event.

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