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Big Reveal: $3,199,000 for a Two-Bed Condo in Georgetown

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And the winner of this week's PriceSpotter is ... CJ2K. The guesses for the asking price of this listing ranged from $2.5 million to $3.3 million, showing that Curbed's readers have a pretty good idea just how pricey Georgetown condos can be, especially when they have a great view of the C&O Canal. One commenter named thepixlnator didn't guess at the price, but did have a bone to pick with the $3,137 monthly HOA dues. "Who has over $3000 a month to spend just on dues??? That's heinous," said thepixlnator. This two-bedroom, two-bathroom listing comes with 2,513-square-feet and hardwood flooring throughout. Some of the highlights inside include oversized windows, a fireplace, and two private terraces.

· 3303 Water Street NW Unit 3A [Redfin]
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