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200+ Sign Petition Pretending to NIMBY 7-Eleven for Products

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While Big Gulp jugs might not offend most people, there are some in 14th Street NW who believe that the storefront threatens the neighborhood. Over 200 residents have signed a petition to shoo shoo one 7-Eleven from the neighborhood. According to the petition:

"We believe that 7/11 will diminish and detract from our neighborhood, nor do we see it adding any value to our lives. We feel that, at best, 7/11 will just cannibalize existing businesses, assuming anyone was to patronize the establishment."

The petition author further stated that they are "not impressed by the processed and sugary foods" at 7-Eleven, but as noted by CityLab, there is a CVS, Subway, and Dunkin Donuts near the storefront as well. The real issue for the petition author isn't the products that 7-Eleven sells, but the customers that the storefront attracts. The petition author told Borderstan, "People hanging out at four in the morning on a street corner are not looking to pick up trash. They're looking for trouble. We don't want trouble."
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