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See 5 Developments Approved During the Zero-Parking Trend

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If Washington, D.C. residents and tourists can agree on one thing, it would be that parking in the District is a painful, awful chore that can leave you wondering if having a car is even worth it. Well, it looks like some developers are thinking the same thing with plans for new residential developments with absolutely no parking spaces. Just recently, one developer planned a 200-room hotel with zero parking spaces, which caused BZA Chairman Lloyd Jordan to say enough is enough to this new trend. "This thing is starting to multiply and multiply and mushroom," Jordan said. Two of the arguments used to justify no parking spaces include that the development is near the Metro and other transit options and the target audience is Millennials. The issue of whether or not the Millennials have any car-owning guests or family who may want to stay over is rarely ever a priority. Now that the BZA is focusing on the limited amount of spaces to go around in downtown garages when approving zero-parking projects, there may be more pushback against this new trend.

↑ In Shaw's Blagden Alley, developers SB-Urban and Rooney Properties were approved to construct a 121-unit development with zero parking spaces. Each of the micro-units will be furnished and meant for a short-term stay. To get the BZA's okay, the developer said it would pay $70,000 for a new 27-dock Capital Bikeshare station.

↑ With 28 residential units, this development at 1401 Florida Avenue NE was approved for zero parking spaces due to its easy accessibility to the H Street streetcar. The developer is Mehari Sequar.

↑ Only being two blocks from the Potomac Avenue Metro helped developer Todd Ragimov's eight-unit condo project get approved by the BZA for no parking spaces. The development is located at 1220 Potomac Avenue SE.

↑ It's up in the air on whether or not PGN Architects' development at 1011 K Street NW will be approved for zero parking spaces, but it's not looking good. As BZA Chairman Lloyd Jordan put it, "This parking thing is really an issue." Still in its nascent stages, the developer hopes to construct a 200-room, 13-story hotel with no parking spaces.

↑ Developer Hollow Creek Investment Group plans on converting the Shaw Hospitality High School at 1851 9th Street NW into a 29-unit condo development. According to the developer, the project doesn't require any parking.
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