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Cut This Fort Dupont Home Into Pieces, It's a Fantastic Sale

What would happen if music and real estate collided? That's what Curbed wants to find out with the strange, but wonderful column, Lyric Lowdown. Here, Curbed takes lyrics from famous songs and remixes them to houses on the market. Today's remix comes from Papa Roach's "My Last Resort."

Cut this home into pieces; it's a fantastic sale. Hardwood flooring, large side porch, don't care about the price if it's got such curb appeal. This is your lucky day. Do you even care if this listing's in Fort Dupont? Would it be wrong? Would it be right if you lived in the Southeast quadrant? Chances are that you might, spacious fenced-in yard outta sight, and you might be contemplating this sale. You might not have realized how much you needed an upgraded kitchen until it was too late and your own kitchen was empty of stainless steel appliances within. Hungry for more luxury, you can feast your eyes on the quaintness of this rambler and live in 924-square-feet of space. Don't lose your sight or your mind because we can promise you it's going to be fine because this single-family home is only asking $299,000.

· 4350 Southern Avenue SE [Estately]
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