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Metro's Newest, Most Terrible Idea May Cost Your Commute

[Greater Greater Washington created the above two images to compare the current Metro service with the proposed service.]

Get ready for some of the most depressing news this week. The Metro, in their infinite wisdom, is planning on improving service to the Blue Line by cutting service to every single line except the Red Line. This cut would result in the time between trains on the Orange, Silver, Green, and Yellow lines to increase from six minutes to eight minutes. The Metro is also planning on eliminating of the Rush Plus Yellow Line service. WAMU reported that the proposed cuts could reduce time between Blue Line trains from 12 minutes to eight minutes during rush hour. According to Greater Greater Washington, though, it's possible to increase Blue Line service without reducing service to the Green and Yellow lines. Regardless, if the proposal is approved, the number of trains running on the Green and Yellow tracks during rush hour would drop from 26 to 15 per hour. Already, the Metro needs 64 cars to run rush hour service, but if these cuts happen, the Metro will need approximately 100. WMATA also hopes to shift railcars around in order to lengthen trains on the Blue, Silver, and Green lines. The agency will go before the Riders Advisory Council this week to propose these changes. Before final approval this fall, the Metro will survey riders and hold public hearings. Any approved changes won't be seen until December.
· Metro floats cutting service for the Green, Yellow, Orange, and Silver Lines [Greater Greater Washington]
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