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Whole Foods Brings New Draw to Prince George's County

In one year, Prince George's County will get its first Whole Foods Market, and already young families are becoming more interested in moving into the area just because of it. Described as a "Whole Foods effect," the supermarket is creating more interest to build additional retail and residential developments to the County, such as a Hyatt House boutique hotel and the $250 million Riverdale Park Station development with almost 1,000 new residential units. The developer also plans on building an additional 120,000-square-feet of retail space next to the Whole Foods Market. Bike lanes and a traffic signal at Van Buren Street will also be constructed. Despite this new draw for millennials, many residents have criticized the project due to the deforestation of the 37-acre site and the additional traffic the development will bring, as reported by The Washington Post. No word yet on a specific delivery date of the project.
· Before opening, Whole Foods emerges as a symbol of progress in Pr. George's [The Washington Post]