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A Crazy Filipino Pop-Up; Hottest New Restaurants

Future home of Mom and Pop's [Photo: Missy Frederick]

PETWORTHTry fertilized duck egg and chicken feet at an upcoming Filipino pop-up.

HEATMAP These are hottest restaurants in D.C. right now.

SHAWDCity Smokehouse owners announce upcoming restaurant

EGGS Get the best dishes topped with fried eggs at these restaurants.

LOGAN CIRCLE— Washington Post's restaurant critic isn't a fan of buzzy Provision No. 14 .

PALISADES Lupo Verde's second location is on the way.

EATER MAPSWatch the Belmont Stakes horse race at these spots.

WOODLEY PARKYelpers and other diners love neighborhood newcomer Bar Civita.

PIZZASteve Salis steps down as &pizza CEO.

MERRIFIELD The Dolcezza team plans new coffee and pastry shop.

GEORGETOWNBeard Papas cream puffs could open by August.