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D.C. United Stadium May End Up in Loudoun County

Is this a sick joke, or is the world turning upside down? After years of planning, financing, and duking it out over land swaps, the D.C. United stadium might not even end up in Washington, D.C. It's just been revealed that Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has pitched to D.C. United to bring the soccer stadium to Loudoun County, a move which would be $38 million less expensive than the one planned in the District. Team officials have already toured sites in Loudoun County, mingled with government officials, and discussed potential plans with Virginia's economic development team. But why would D.C. United want to change its plans right at the eleventh hour? The District's deal, which is still not finalized, has begun to wear on team officials. One issue is that the District asked D.C. United to help with cost overruns if the District acquires the land it needs, but the team is unable to build the stadium. The current goal is to open the stadium in time for the 2017 season, but with issues on land acquisition with Akridge and now McAuliffe's powerplay, the timeframe is up in the air.

The proposed site for the Virginia-based D.C. United stadium is in the yellow lines.
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