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It's Official: Hogan Approves Purple Line, Nixes Red Line

On Thursday, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced that the Red Line is out, and the Purple Line is here to stay. There was uncertainty over whether or not Hogan would approve the Purple Line due to him not "feeling" the project. Now that the Purple Line's future is set in stone, Hogan has directed the Maryland Department of Transportation to move forward, though with a few cut backs in place. The Baltimore Sun reported that the state of Maryland will have a smaller share in the $2.45 billion project. The share will total $168 million as opposed to the earlier announced $300 million. The money saved from these cuts will go to dozens of projects around the state, ranging from widening roads to improving intersections.

If the Red Line had been approved, it would have cost up to $2.9 billion. Is the Red Line dead for good, though? It would be possible for a future governor to revive the project, but it would cost hundreds of millions more due to inflation. The Baltimore Sun also reported that Maryland would not have the near-assurance of federal funding. The President of the Greater Baltimore Committee Donald C. Fry expects that this cancelation of the project will set back the effort to improve rail transportation by at least a decade.

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