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Lightning Blows Up Portion of Construction Crane in Navy Yard

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A video posted by Lisa Milisa (@lisa_milisa) on

Last night's thunderstorm huffed, and puffed, and shocked this construction crane, but thankfully the crane did not fall. A Navy Yard resident reached out to Curbed DC with the above video, which was posted around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, June 23 by Instagram user @lisa_milisa. The video shows one of the construction cranes at developer MRP Realty's Navy Yard construction site, Dock 79, being struck by lightening. Residents near the crane jumped back after it was struck, but Jon Amar, a spokesperson for MRP Realty, reported that there were no injuries. The @Dock79DC development Instagram account responded to the video rather casually, saying, "Looks like you caught our crane in the storm!" The lightening did not damage the crane enough for it to warrant replacement, but Amar did say that the CB radio was damaged. Once completed by the fall of 2016, the Dock 79 residential development will have 305 apartments with 20,000-square-feet of ground-floor retail. Other additions include a public plaza and a water promenade. The site is located at 25 and 29 Potomac Avenue SE. See what the completed development will look like with the photo gallery below.

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