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$3M Spring Valley Abode Offers Vaulted Ceilings and Skylights

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If you have a thing for decorative columns, built-in bookshelves, and vaulted ceilings, take a peek inside this six-bedroom, seven-bathroom single-family home. This 3,827-square-foot abode might have some of the most gorgeous bathrooms in all of Spring Valley, with skylights adjacent to the bathtubs and walls made of what looks like granite. For families looking for a move into a new home, the abode also features a spacious play room with walls painted soft green and blue colors. Outside, you can find a grassy backyard with a rear patio as well as what the listing describes as a "pool/pond." This single-family home is on the market for $2,775,000.

· 5100 Van Ness Street NW [Estately]