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Quiz Time! Should You Move to (or Out of) Washington, D.C.?

Thinking of making the trek to or out of Washington, D.C.? This new quiz from can help you figure out if your wanderlust is a fleeting thought or a legitimate need. The questions range from the practical (e.g., "Do you have enough money saved to hire movers?") to the personal (e.g., "Are you dating someone who doesn't want to move?"). Even minor annoyances don't get the blind eye in this quiz with questions like "Are you tired of your city's weather?" In truth, this quiz is directed towards people who already know the answer to whether or not they want to move, and who just need a little extra push to be sure. Questions like "[Do] you keep picturing yourself in another place?" and "Are you ready for a new adventure?" prove that by the end of the quiz, you'll most likely say something like, "Well, duh." Regardless, If you want a quiz to tell you if it's finally time to get the heck out of where you are now and move to wherever you want to be, give the questions a whirl.
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