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D.C.'s New Developments Are Making Progress — Google Maps Says So!

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[The recently updated Google Maps shows the "Out of Many, One" dirt portrait that was created by artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada in September 2014.]

The Washington, D.C. of today is in no way the same Washington, D.C. of 10 years ago, let along five years ago. The city landscape changes every day with more cranes added and more luxury developments constructed. To keep up with the ever-changing city, Google has to constantly update its satellite imagery to make sure its depiction of the District is accurate. Local blog Greater Greater Washington reported on Google's most recent update, discovering that all of the images were taken around 10 a.m. on or near October 7, 2014. For those interested in seeing how much progress has been made in Washington, D.C. since then, check out the photo gallery below.

↑ In this photo, you can see that the National Museum of African American History and Culture is still only just rising.

↑ Currently, the PEPCO plant is demolished, but you can see what the process was like with this photo of the development getting torn down.

↑ You can expect entertainment venues, residential projects, restaurants, and a hotel at The Wharf, but it's not yet complete. In this photo, you can see that the site is still not even halfway done to completion.

↑ Say hello to the completed Monroe Street Market, a $200 million mixed-use development located in Brookland/Edgewood. The project broke ground in November 2011 and completed mid-October 2014.

↑ Greater Greater Washington posted this photo of the construction site at the Takoma/Langley Crossroads Transit Center. The development is not expected to complete until around December 2015.
· Google just updated its maps of our region. Here's what's new [Greater Greater Washington]