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D.C.'s Most Ridiculously Priced Garage Gets $1K Price Chop

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[For those who aren't able to see the potential of living in a dingy Dupont Circle garage, the seller provided a rendering of just how charming this listing could be if it didn't look like what it does now.]

Last April, this depressing, address-less garage landed on the market with an asking price of $900,000, creating a huge stir in the media due to its exorbitant price. While noticing the public's dismay and lack of potential bidders, the seller has finally done the deed of dropping the price of the garage to what may be a more manageable number: $899,000. Despite the price chop, Washingtonian reported that there have been two developers who have expressed interest in the listing. Perhaps, the brokerbabble won them over. In what world could "see the potential!" and "a developer's dream!" not win a buyer over? For those who love fixer-uppers and who have more than a little extra change in their pocket to throw around, see if you can nab this listing before anyone else does.
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