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After $75M Facelift, Ellsworth Place Mall to Unveil November

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Renderings via Dan Reed

With a delivery set for this November, Silver Spring's City Place Mall will reopen as Ellsworth Place. The mall is currently undergoing a $75 million renovation that will renovate the existing three entrances, create several new street entrances, and reorganize the interior. The entrances will feature new signs, lighting, and video screens, according to Greater Greater Washington. For a sit-down restaurant, an outdoor dining terrace will also be built along Fenton Street. A number of new retailers have already agreed to open in the mall, including Ross, T.J. Maxx, and Michaels. Existing retailers like Burlington Coat Factory and Marshalls will have renovated interiors. reported that the developers are also hoping to open a Dave & Buster's in the mall as well. See what the revamped mall will look like with the below renderings.

· Revamped City Place mall to unveil changes in November in Silver Spring []
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