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Petyr Baelish Should Move to D.C.; Here's Where He Should Live

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead.]
Petyr Baelish is known for rubbing elbows with those highest in power, and where else in the nation is better for powerful elbow rubbing than Washington, D.C.? To help him figure out where he should live in the District, Curbed focused on Baelish's affinity for lively parties. So, the party pads below should be his best bet for entertaining. With a poll at the end of this article, it's up to Curbed's readers to decide which abode is best suited for Littlefinger. Take a look at which listings may be most suited for him and why.

↑ As a brothel owner, Petyr Baelish loves to cater to his guests by giving them a good time. With this Dupont Circle condo, Baelish will be able to impress others with a built-in wine cooler, Bose speaker system, and rooftop terrace. For any guests who desire a great view of the city, the listing comes with 38 linear feet of floor-to-ceiling windows. The condo comes with three bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, and an asking price of $1,249,900.

↑ This Columbia Heights Airbnb resembles a sex dungeon, which should be perfect for Petyr Baelish. The vibrant red color scheme is enough to make anyone's blood boil, and the paintings and sculptures of voluptuous women should help his customers get in the right kind of mood. Despite only having one bed, the listing indicates that six guests are allowed to stay the night. The weekly price comes to $1,200.

↑ In Georgetown, this penthouse comes with unique features like a glass-walled bathroom, marble staircase, and a perfect view of the C&O Canal. As a widower, this bachelor pad may just peek Littlefinger's interests. This one-bedroom $2.5 million condo comes with a private terrace, modern artwork, and enough parking for two cars, which should make it easy to bring Sansa Stark over.

↑ This quirky West End penthouse comes with goodies like a wet bar and a wood-paneled rec room with a billiard table. This might be one of the more peculiar choices on this list due to its skull accent wall and abstract metal sculptures, but hey, if Littlefinger wants to make an impression, this $1.2 million listing is the one. The listing comes with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

↑ What better way for a brothel owner to make sure his guests are clean and comfortable than by having the bathroom be in the bedroom? Only a few steps away from the bed, one can have a sexy bubble bath, and the bulky chrome column might even be stable enough for some pole dancing. Littlefinger may need to get some blinds for the room, though. This single-family home is located in Chevy Chase and comes with four bedrooms and an asking price of $999,999.

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