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New Plans in the Works to Make Anacostia River Swimmable

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By 2022, the Anacostia River will be clean enough to swim in. Currently, metro-sized tunnels are being built more than 100 feet underground, which will be able to remove roughly 98 percent of the river's pollution. Now, there is a new plan to clean up the Anacostia River, the installation of green infrastructure. CityLab described green infrastructure in that it makes impermeable surfaces naturally absorptive. Doing this, the District will be able to create more green spaces, resulting in improved air quality, job creation, and increased property values. This new plan by D.C. Water will also create rain gardens, bioswales, and green roofs in the Columbia Heights, Takoma, and Petworth neighborhoods.
· D.C.'s Polluted Rivers Are Getting a Green Makeover [CityLab]