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Mapping the Cheapest and Most Expensive Places to Rent in Washington, D.C. Right Now

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If you're looking for some good news on Washington, D.C.'s housing market, here's some food for thought: Washington dropped from having the fourth most expensive rents in the nation to the fifth. Real estate blog Zumper tabulated different neighborhoods in the District, measuring how expensive the rent for a one-bedroom unit was this spring. Not surprisingly, the most expensive rent in Washington, D.C. was found in Georgetown with a median rent of $2,600/month. For Foggy Bottom and Dupont Circle, both had a median rent of $2,300/month. The least expensive rents were in Mount Rainier and Anacostia, both with a median rent of $980/month. Comparing these numbers to February of this year, Georgetown's median rent stayed the same, Dupont Circle rose by a measly $11, and Foggy Bottom's declined by $200. Mount Rainier dropped by $120 from $1,100/month. Zumper didn't report on the median rent for Anacostia last February.
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