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$1M Chevy Chase Abode Just Wants You to Be a Hygienic Adult

For $999,999, this four-bedroom Chevy Chase listing comes with pleasant features like a porch with a swing, exposed brick walls, and the ability to let your neighbors know that your body is a temple that everyone should gaze upon and bow down to. The very well-windowed half-bedroom/half-bathroom is perfect for exhibitionists or people who just don't care anymore. For whatever reason, the bathtub attempts discretion with a semi-circle wall made of glass block, covering maybe a third of its perimeter. On the other side, a great view of the single-family home's spacious backyard and any nosy neighbors. While the half-bathroom/half-bedroom may seem strange at first, maybe it offers opportunities that are well worth the neighborhood complaints. Here are some pros and cons:

· The ability to see the sunrise from a bubble bath
· Less effort needed to be hygienic (seriously, you're only two steps away from a bath)
· If you're with some sexy company, see if they would like to take a sexy bath
· You can watch the TV while taking a bath

· Want to present your birthday suit to the world from the comfort of your home? Sorry, that's against the law
· Seriously, you could go to jail for up to a year
· Or maybe be fined up to $1,000
· Or both
· Also, it's just weird. Really, what is that?

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