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$1.25M AU Park Abode Adds Asian-Style Pagoda for Kicks

Sometimes, it's good to spread your horizons and experience something new. You know, become more cultured, more worldly, more open-minded. Looking at this Colonial American University Park home from the outside, it doesn't look too unique or remarkable, but it comes with one addition that may take a bit of an open mind. In the backyard, there is an Asian-style pagoda-topped gazebo with what looks like concrete posts painted bright red. Aside from the semi-pagoda, there aren't as many conversation pieces in the home, save for maybe, "Wow, there are a lot of built-in bookshelves in here." With an asking price of $1,249,000, this four-bedroom, four-bathroom single-family home comes with spacious, sun-lit rooms with recessed lighting and hardwood flooring throughout. Other highlights in the 2,705-square-foot home include that it has three fireplaces, two first-floor office/dens, and a deck. According to the listing, the abode is only two blocks from Turtle Park and only a 15 minute walk to the Tenleytown Metro station.

· 4602 Van Ness Street NW [Redfin]