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Somehow, D.C. Wasn't Number One for Worst City to Drive In

Is this a win, or is this an inconceivable mistake that shouldn't go unnoticed? In a new study by personal finance website NerdWallet, Washington, D.C. ranked number two in a top 10 list of the worst cities in the nation for car drivers. Boston, Massachusetts topped the list with the lowest overall score of 38.22. The District was only 0.2 points higher. To compile the list, NerdWallet analyzed seven factors, including the likelihood of getting into a car accident, the number of parking garages and lots, and the average annual hours of traffic delays. Each factor carried a different weight to come up with the final overall score for each city. For example, a third of the overall score for each city was determined by how bad delays were. Out of every city analyzed, Washington, D.C. had the highest average annual hours of traffic delays at 67 — 30 hours higher than the national average. Boston drivers, though, had the highest chance of getting into a car accident — 129.9 percent higher than the national average.

↑ Above, you can see a portion of the full graph published by NerdWallet. See how other cities like San Francisco and New York fared on the list here.
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